Remote Expungement in Alabama.

Our law office put in place a process for remote expungement in Alabama many years prior to the current COVID-19 situation. Are you delaying seeking an expungement in Alabama due to the current COVID-19? There is no need to delay. Our law office can represent you in a petition for expungement case from a prior arrest in Alabama (if you qualify) no matter where you live, without the necessity of an office visit. If you had a prior criminal or traffic case in Alabama where the disposition or outcome of the case resulted in some form of a non-conviction (dismissed, nolle prossed, no-billed, found not guilty at trial, etc.) depending on certain statutory requirement, you may be eligible to retain our Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland, and our law firm to represent you in petitioning the proper court for an Order of Expungement to have the records of the arrest expunged and removed from your criminal background.

Our Alabama Expungement Lawyers can conduct all representation remotely, from the retainer documents to the completed Petition for Expungement. Our law firm’s Alabama expungement remote representation process complies with COVID-19 concerns that eliminates the necessity of any in office or in person meetings with any members of our law firm. We can conduct all aspects for the remote Alabama Expungement representation via phone, email, e-signature, and U.S. Mail. Our Alabama Expungement lawyers have been conducting remote representation for our out-of-state and non-local clients since Alabama passed the first expungement law in 2014. The only time you may be required to appear in Alabama for your expungement would be if the District Attorney files an objection and the Court sets your case for a hearing.

The current COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) pandemic has not affected your ability to retain our Alabama Expungement Lawyers to seek an expungement in Alabama. As of the date of writing this blog post (July 20, 2020) every county Circuit Court Clerk’s office in Alabama is operational and accepting Petitions for Expungement we file on behalf of our clients. The Circuit Courts in Alabama are considering Orders of Expungement for Petitions filed and continue to do so throughout the COVID-19 situation. Although some in-person court hearings are being conducted via audio/video conference, nothing else has changed regarding the Courts’ consideration of our clients’ petitions for expungement in Alabama.

When it comes to COVID-19, it too will pass, but in the meantime, you do not have to wait to seek an expungement in Alabama. Your clean, expunged criminal record could be priceless to your future. You may be able to receive an Order of Expungement from the Court prior to COVID-19 being in your rearview mirror. Our law office can represent you remotely in seeking to have your prior criminal records expunged by the Alabama Circuit Courts. Feel free to contact our Alabama Expungement Law Firm via email at: [email protected] or via our office phones at (256) 378-6087 or (205) 924-3839 to schedule a phone consultation. “Don’t let your prior arrest record (or COVID-19) handcuff your future career!”