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Certain Alabama Criminal Records Are Now Eligible for Expungement (Clear Record).

“Don’t let your past arrest record handcuff your future career.” – Jordan M. Copeland, Alabama Expungement Lawyer

As an Alabama Expungement Lawyer we talk to many people every week that wish you could go back and change the past. Under the first 2014 Alabama Expungement Law and now the new 2021 Alabama Expungement Law you may be able to expunge or clear your criminal record of eligible charges. Don’t let your past arrest hold you back, your new and clear future awaits you!


Have you ever heard that your arrest record can follow you for your whole life? Many people do not realize that in Alabama even if your prior charge was dismissed, nolle prossed, “no billed” by a grand jury, you were found “not guilty” at a jury or judge trial, or any other form of non-conviction – your arrest records still show that you were arrested for the charge and can appear on certain background checks UNLESS you successfully receive an Order of Expungement from the proper court in Alabama. Without an expungement in Alabama, your record of arrest will show up on law enforcement records and background checks. You could be turned down by potential employers, auto and home lenders, colleges and many more. Even if you were arrested by mistake, charges were dropped, or you were found “Not Guilty.” Most employers will conduct a background check when considering your job application. Don’t let the record of an arrest cause your application to be denied.

Alabama Expungement Lawyer in Childersburg, AL

“Don’t let your past arrest handcuff your future career.” Just think, without an expungement, every time you fill out a job application your potential employer can see you were arrested in Alabama on a criminal background check. Your current employer may do a background check on you and see your past criminal record. Don’t get passed up for the promotion you’ve been working so long and hard for because you did not get your arrest record in Alabama expunged. If you are applying for a job position, you need to have your arrest wiped clean in Alabama if you qualify, so you will stand out as an applicant for the position.

Your job position, what vehicle you drive, where you live, what college or university you will get accepted to, may all depended upon what is found in your background check. You may be trying to get a loan to buy your first car or truck or even one for your teenager. If you are applying for a certificate or license, the process for your approval can take much longer or be denied. Whether you are needing to get your first apartment, a starter home for your new family or the house you have always dreamed of, it can all be affected by your criminal arrest record.


Your life could change and new doors of opportunities open, that were impossible before, all by just having your Alabama arrest record expunged.  Getting an expungement of your Alabama arrest record could change your life now and in the future. The sooner you start the process of expunging your arrest record, the quicker you and your family’s future could improve for the better.


The first Expungement Law became effective in the State of Alabama during July of 2014. The new, expanded 2021 Alabama Expungement Law (REEDEMER Act) will become effective in Alabama on July 1, 2021. There will be thousands of potential petitions for expungement eligible to be filed in Alabama. Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland represents clients seeking to expunge their arrest record in Alabama. Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland of ExpungementAlabamaLawyer.com represents clients in the process of seeking an expungement of their arrest record in the State of Alabama. Review our website for more information and contact us if you think your arrest record may be eligible for an expungement in Alabama.


Under the new, 2021 Alabama Expungement Law, expungement of certain felony convictions in the State of Alabama is only an option more than 180 days after first receiving a full, unrestricted pardon from the Alabama Bureau of Pardons & Paroles (ABPP). if you were convicted of the crime. An expungement and a pardon in Alabama are two different remedies for two different situations. A full, unrestricted pardon of a felony conviction in Alabama can restore the political and civil rights lost from the felony conviction. A pardon is a matter of public record and once granted may be reflected on a State and Federal Background Report. An expungement includes the clearing of the record from a State and Federal Background Report.


Having an arrest record for a misdemeanor or felony can be divesting to your life. If you qualify for an expungement of your arrest record in the State of Alabama, we can assist you with the process. If your situation does not meet the requirements of the Alabama’s Expungement Law, then our office may be able to assist you with seeking a pardon in the State of Alabama. Feel free to send us your information via the contact us form on our website, call our law offices at (256) 378-6087 or (205) 924-3839 or email Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland at [email protected]

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Then, call or email us to discuss how we can represent you in preparing Petition for Expungement custom to your particular situation to be filed with the proper court and served on the proper agencies requesting an Order of Expungement for your prior, eligible criminal records – to the extent of the Alabama Expungement Law.   

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