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In Alabama You Can Now Get Certain Alabama Criminal Arrest Records Expunged (Cleared).

“Don’t let your past arrest record handcuff your future career.”

As an Alabama Expungement Lawyer we talk to many people every week that wish you could go back and change the past. Well, now under the Alabama Expungement Law you may be able to expunge or clear your the record of your arrest for certain charges if you were not convicted. Don’t let your past arrest hold you back, your new and clear future awaits you!


Have you ever heard that your arrest record can follow you for your whole life? Many people do not realize that in Alabama even if your prior charge was dismissed, nol prossed, “no billed” by a grand jury, you were found “not guilty” at a jury or judge trial, or any other form of non-conviction – your arrest records still show that you were arrested for the charge and can appear on certain background checks UNLESS you successfully receive an Order of Expungement from the proper court in Alabama. Without an expungement in Alabama, your record of arrest will show up on law enforcement records and background checks. You could be turned down by potential employers, auto and home lenders, colleges and many more. Even if you were arrested by mistake, charges were dropped, or you were found “Not Guilty.” Most employers will conduct a background check when considering your job application. Don’t let the record of an arrest cause your application to be denied.

Alabama Expungement Lawyer in Childersburg, AL

“Don’t let your past arrest handcuff your future career.” Just think, without an expungement, every time you fill out a job application your potential employer can see you were arrested in Alabama on a criminal background check. Your current employer may do a background check on you and see your past criminal record. Don’t get passed up for the promotion you’ve been working so long and hard for because you did not get your arrest record in Alabama expunged. If you are applying for a job position, you need to have your arrest wiped clean in Alabama if you qualify, so you will stand out as an applicant for the position.

Your job position, what vehicle you drive, where you live, what college or university you will get accepted to, may all depended upon what is found in your background check. You may be trying to get a loan to buy your first car or truck or even one for your teenager. If you are applying for a certificate or license, the process for your approval can take much longer or be denied. Whether you are needing to get your first apartment, a starter home for your new family or the house you have always dreamed of, it can all be affected by your criminal arrest record.


Your life could change and new doors of opportunities open, that were impossible before, all by just having your Alabama arrest record expunged.  Getting an expungement of your Alabama arrest record could change your life now and in the future. The sooner you start the process of expunging your arrest record, the quicker you and your family’s future could improve for the better.


The Expungement Law became effective in the State of Alabama during July of 2014. There will be thousands of potential petitions for expungement eligible to be filed in Alabama. Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland represents clients seeking to expunge their arrest record in Alabama. Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland of represents clients in the process of seeking an expungement of their arrest record in the State of Alabama. Review our website for more information and contact us if you think your arrest record may be eligible for an expungement in Alabama.


Expungement of an arrest record in the State of Alabama is not an option if you were convicted of the crime. However, a pardon by the Board of Pardons and Paroles or a Mayoral Pardon for City Ordinance Violation convictions may be another option for you. An expungement and a pardon in Alabama are two different remedies for two different situations. An expungemnt in Alabama is only an option if you were not convicted. A pardon is only an option in Alabama if you were convicted.


Having an arrest record for a misdemeanor or felony can be divesting to your life. If you qualify for an expungement of your arrest record in the State of Alabama, we can assist you with the process. If your situation does not meet the requirements of the Alabama’s Expungement Law, then our office may be able to assist you with seeking a pardon in the State of Alabama. Feel free to send us your information via the contact us form on our website, call our law offices at (256) 378-6087 or (205) 924-3839 or emaill Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland at


If you have been arrested in the State of Alabama for a violation, a misdemeanor, or a non-violent felony to be eligible for having your arrest record expunged you must have not been convicted of the charge. The charge must have been disposed of under one of the following conditions: your charge was dismissed; your charge was no billed by a grand jury;  or you were found “Not Guilty”. This is just the baseline requirement and many other conditions are required to be met under Alabama’s Expungement Law to determine whether you are eligible to petition the court to have your arrest record expunged. See this page:  on our website to determine if your case is eligible to petition for an expungement in Alabama. Also, contact our law office for more information about your particular situation.


Under the Alabama’s Expungement Law, you may qualify to have your arrest record expunged or cleared for violations including traffic offenses and Municipal Ordinance Violations if you were not convicted. In the State of Alabama, violations are considered to be the least severe crimes. These crimes usually include traffic violations and minor criminal charges such as Criminal Trespass in the 3rd Degree. There is a maximum jail sentence of thirty (30) days, court cost, and fines. These charges are almost always filed with the Municipal or District Court depending upon where the alleged crime took place and the law enforcement agency making the arrest.


If you were found “Not Guilty” of a misdemeanor or your charge was dismissed, you might qualify to have your arrest record expunged or cleared under the Alabama Expungement Law. Misdemeanors are classified in Alabama as either class A, B, or C. For a Class A Misdemeanor, the sentence can include up to one (1) year of jail time, court cost and fines. *Some common misdemeanor charges in Alabama include:

– Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
– Assault, 3rd degree (certain charges)
– Domestic Violence, 3rd degree (certain charges)
– Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
– Criminal Mischief, 2nd degree
– Theft of Property, 3rd degree
– Reckless Endangerment
– Public Intoxication
– Disorderly Conduct
– Harassment
– Harassing Communications
– Public Lewdness
– Open Container
– *Among other charges


You might be eligible for the expungement of your arrest record in Alabama for a non-violent felony charge if you meet any of the following conditions: Your charge was dismissed WITH prejudice; Your charge was no billed by a grand jury; You were found “Not Guilty”; Your charge was dismissed after you successfully completed a drug court program, mental health court program, diversion program, veteran’s court or another approved deferred prosecution program; or your charge was dismissed WITHOUT prejudice and it has been over five (5) years since it was dismissed; or you must not have refiled your charges and you have not been charged with any other crime other than a minor traffic violation.

Just because you meet the criteria above does not however mean that your criminal records will be Expunged automatically. We are able to take care of the process for you and all that it entails. In the State of Alabama felony charges are classified as Class A, B or C. In Alabama the Class C felonies carry a sentence of one (1) year plus one day jail sentence minimum, plus court costs and fines.

*Some examples of non-violent felony charges in Alabama include:

– Possession of a Controlled Substance
– Possession of Marijuana, 1st degree
– Distribution of a Controlled Substance
– Unlawful Manufacturing a Controlled Substance 1st or 2nd degree
– Theft of Property 1st or 2nd degree
– Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Vehicle
– Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
– *Among other charges


Under a 2017 update to Alabama’s Expungement Law, arrests for violent felonies are eligible for Expungment ONLY IF you have been found “not guilty” of the charge. This would generally mean found “not guilty” after a jury or judge trial. The list below are crimes classified as a violent felonies under Alabama law:

1. Capital murder pursuant to Sections 13A-6-2 and 13A-5-40.
2. Murder pursuant to Section 13A-6-2.
3. Manslaughter pursuant to Section 13A-6-3.
4. Criminally negligent homicide pursuant to Section 13A-6-4.
5. Assault I pursuant to Section 13A-6-20.
6. Assault II pursuant to Section 13A-6-21.
7. Compelling street gang membership pursuant to Section 13A-6-26.
8. Kidnapping I pursuant to Section 13A-6-43.
9. Kidnapping II pursuant to Section 13A-6-44.
10. Rape I pursuant to Section 13A-6-61.
11. Rape II pursuant to Section 13A-6-62.
12. Sodomy I pursuant to Section 13A-6-63.
13. Sodomy II pursuant to Section 13A-6-64.Sentencing Standards Manual 2013 8
14. Sexual torture pursuant to Section 13A-6-65.l.
15. Sexual abuse I pursuant to Section 13A-6-66.
16. Enticing a child to enter a vehicle for immoral purposes pursuant to Section 13A-6-69.
17. Stalking pursuant to Section 13A-6-90.
18. Aggravated stalking pursuant to Section 13A-6-91.
19. Soliciting a child by computer pursuant to Section 13A-6-110.
20. Domestic violence I pursuant to Section 13A-6-130.
21. Domestic violence II pursuant to Section 13A-6-131.
22. Burglary I pursuant to Section 13A-7-5.
23. Burglary II pursuant to Section 13A-7-6.
24. Burglary III pursuant to Section 13A-7-7.
25. Arson I pursuant to Section 13A-7-41.
26. Criminal possession of explosives pursuant to Section 13A-7-44.
27. Extortion I pursuant to Section 13A-8-14.
28. Robbery I pursuant to Section 13A-8-41.
29. Robbery II pursuant to Section 13A-8-42.
30. Robbery III pursuant to Section 13A-8-43.
31. Pharmacy robbery pursuant to Section 13A-8-51.
32. Terrorist threats pursuant to Section 13A-10-15.
33. Escape I pursuant to Section 13A-10-31.
34. Promoting prison contraband I pursuant to Section 13A-10-36, involving a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.
35. Intimidating a witness pursuant to Section 13A-10-123.
36. Intimidating a juror pursuant to Section 13A-10-127.
37. Treason pursuant to Section 13A-11-2.
38. Discharging a weapon into an occupied building, dwelling, automobile, etc., pursuant to Section 13A-11-61.
39. Promoting prostitution I pursuant to Section 13A-12-111.
40. Production of obscene matter involving a minor pursuant to Section 13A-12-197.
41. Trafficking pursuant to Section 13A-12-231.
42. Child abuse pursuant to Section 26-15-3.
43. Elder abuse pursuant to Section 38-9-7.
44. Terrorism pursuant to Section 13A-10-152.
45. Hindering prosecution for terrorism pursuant to Section 13A-10-154.
46. Any substantially similar offense for which an Alabama offender has been convicted under prior Alabama law or the law of any other state, the District of Columbia, the United States, or any of the territories of the United

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