New 2021 Alabama Expungement Law

New Alabama Expungement Law for 2021.

The Alabama Legislature has recently passed and the Governor just signed a new Alabama Expungement Law for 2021 (Senate Bill 117 now known as the “REDEEMER” Act).

The new 2021 Alabama Expungement Law will be effective July 1, 2021. Subsection (b) of 15-27-1 is the first portion of substantial expansion of eligibility with the new 2021 Alabama Expungement Law. This subsection makes certain misdemeanor and violation convictions eligible for expungement as long as certain factors a met.

Further, the new law makes all non-conviction (dismissals, acquittals, no-bills, etc.) felony arrest records eligible, including violent felonies, as long as certain factors are met. Further the new 2021 Alabama Expungement law makes certain non-violent felony convictions that have been fully pardoned by the Alabama Bureau of Pardons & Paroles eligible for expungement. See our website for more information and contact to discuss legal representation for the petition for expungement process throughout Alabama.