Incorrect Criminal Background Report in Alabama

Inaccurate Criminal Background Report Alabama

Is an incorrect criminal background report in Alabama stopping you from obtaining a job? Is an inaccurate criminal background report in Alabama preventing you from purchasing a firearm or obtaining a pistol permit? You may need an attorney to represent you in having your criminal report in Alabama corrected with the Court Clerk’s Office, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), Law Enforcement and/or possibly the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Over the years, our law office has represented many clients to correct inaccurate criminal background reports that were hurting their eligibility for a job, career, housing, and/or firearm rights.  Most of these clients contact our law office as a part of our expungement and pardon areas of legal representation. Incorrect criminal background reports in Alabama may be incorrect for different reasons.

The first common inaccuracy in a criminal background report in Alabama that we see is a criminal case still showing as “pending” or “open” when the case has already been dismissed or nolle prossed with the court (sometimes many years prior). This inaccurate status can present the problem of a potential employer believing the client has a pending criminal charge. Also, a gun dealer or Sheriff may deny a gun purchase or a pistol permit due to a potential prohibiting charge showing as pending. Our law office has the knowledge and experience to maneuver the criminal court system in Alabama to correct such an incorrect status of a criminal charge.

A second type of inaccuracy in a criminal background report may be someone else’s criminal charge being reported on your Alabama criminal background report. This may be due to the two people having the same or similar names, an incorrect Social Security number entry, and/or other human or computer error. If your criminal background report has charges or criminal cases that you were never charged with, you need to get this inaccurate information removed from your Alabama criminal background report. Our law office can represent people seeking to remove incorrect charges from their criminal history report in Alabama.

A third and lesser common inaccurate criminal background report our law office has handled involves a misreported charge. For example, if you were arrested for Harassment, but your criminal history report indicates you were arrested for Assault. Another example is where a defendant was granted Youthful Offender status (said case should be sealed and not reported) however, their criminal background report is indicating the charge.

If you have a criminal background report indicating an inaccurate charge or disposition of a prior criminal case from Alabama, contact Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland via phone or email to schedule a phone or office consultation to discuss representation.  Our law office provides statewide representation in Alabama for anyone anywhere that is dealing with an inaccurate criminal background report from a prior state or city criminal charge in the State of Alabama. Email us at: [email protected] or call: 256-378-6087 or 205-924-3839.