Expungement of Shoplifting Cases in Alabama

Alabama Expungement Shoplifting

Expungement of shoplifting cases in Alabama is now possible if the case was a misdemeanor (Theft of Property, 4th degree, or previous statute Theft of Property, 3rd degree). Were you arrested for misdemeanor shoplifting in Alabama? If so, an Alabama Expungement can wipe clean your criminal background reports and other public records of the case.

Shoplifting Misdemeanor Expungement in Alabama

A shoplifting / theft of property, 4th degree charge (or previous Theft of Property, 3rd degree) is a theft of property that does not exceed $500 in value and not taken from the person of another. See: Section 13A-8-5 (Cod of Ala.):

“(a) The theft of property which does not exceed five hundred dollars ($500) in value, and which is not taken from the person of another constitutes theft of property in the fourth degree. (b) Theft of property in the fourth degree is a Class A misdemeanor.” Section 13A-8-5 (Cod of Ala.)

Retail Shoplifting Expungements in Alabama

Large retailers in Alabama have become very aggressive in the apprehension and prosecution of suspected shoplifting in the past few years. For example, self-Checkout kiosks at Wal-Mart and other retailers are monitored by multiple cameras at each kiosk and some stores are now installing Artificial Intelligence (AI) anti-theft technology.  These retailers also have “eyes in the sky” – 360 degree cameras in the ceiling throughout the store. These cameras are far away but can be controlled remotely by loss prevention workers to follow and zoom in on suspected shoplifters.

Many people are unaware of the following fact: If you were previously charged with shoplifting / theft of property, 4th degree in Alabama, even if the case resulted in a non-conviction (dismissed, nolle prossed, not guilty after trial, etc.), you will still have the record of the arrest for shoplifting on you criminal background reports with the state, FBI, and non-government background reports, unless you are granted an Order of Expungement in Alabama.

Expungements of Shoplifting Cases in Alabama are Required for Certain Career Fields

Many shoplifting expungement cases our law office handles throughout Alabama involve small, retail theft such as self-checkout at Walmart and other retail stores. In many of these instances the client previously did not hire an attorney and may have pled guilty in court without knowing the consequences of a shoplifting / theft conviction on their record. Many careers and industries will require a prospective employee to have a misdemeanor theft charge / conviction in Alabama expunged before being eligible to be hired.

For example, the FDIC regulations will generally require anyone working in the banking or finance industry that has previously been charged (even if not convicted) of a misdemeanor shoplifting in Alabama to have the records expunged by the proper court in order to be eligible work in that industry.

Misdemeanor Shoplifting Convictions can now be Eligible for Expungement in Alabama

The Alabama Expungement statute was amended and expanded in 2021 with the passage of the “REEDEMER Act” by the Alabama legislature and signed into law by the Governor. The expansion of the Alabama Expungement laws now allows for misdemeanor Theft of Property / Shoplifting charges and convictions to be eligible to petition for expungement if all prerequisites and criteria are met per the statute.

If you were previously charged with shoplifting / theft of property 4th degree in Alabama and your case was “nolle prossed” or “dismissed with prejudice” (as Ordered on the final Case Action Summary) you can be eligible to Petition for Expungement of the arrest records after 90 days from the final Order from the Judge. If the case was “dismissed” you must wait a year from the date of dismissal before it is eligible to Petition for Expungement.

If you were convicted (pled guilty or found guilty after a trial) of shoplifting / theft of property, 4th degree in Alabama, you must wait three (3) years before your case can be eligible to petition or an Expungement of the conviction.

Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland Represents Clients in Petitions for Expungement of Shoplifting Cases in Alabama

Experienced, and result oriented Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland has successfully represented clients in hundreds of petitions for expungement throughout Alabama since the first expungement law was passed in Alabama in 2014. Jordan M. Copeland, and his law office have also successfully defended hundreds of people against shoplifting charges in Alabama since 2007. Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland has many former clients that were granted Orders of Expungement from the Court after being charged and convicted of misdemeanor shoplifting in Alabama.

It does not matter in what state you live, if you were previously charged and/or convicted of misdemeanor shoplifting in Alabama, you must petition the proper court in Alabama for an expungement. Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland can handle your expungement representation remotely with no office visit necessary. Feel free to read our Google Reviews from real former clients. Our experience and results speak for themselves.

For more information and possible representation in the petition for expungement process of a shoplifting / theft of property, 4th degree charge in Alabama, contact the Alabama Expungement Law Office of Jordan M. Copeland at (205) 924-3839 or Jordan@ExpungementAlabamaLawyer.com.