Alabama Expungement Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland

Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland is an Alabama Expungement and Criminal Defense Lawyer who is committed to representing you in seeking to obtain an Expungement of your eligible criminal record by the Alabama Circuit Courts.

Alabama Expungement Lawyer, Jordan M. Copeland is an experienced Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer with years of experience in Alabama Criminal Courts. Attorney, Jordan M. Copeland has obtained many dismissals and not guilty verdicts for his clients in the Alabama Criminal Justice system since 2007. Our Alabama Expungement law firm has represented clients in the petition for expungement process in Alabama since the first Alabama Expungement Law was passed in 2014. Our law firm represents clients in petitions for expungement in every county in Alabama. We will put our experience in the Alabama criminal court system to work for you to aggressively pursue obtaining an expungement of your Alabama arrest record if you qualify.

Whether you are a resident of the State of Alabama, or live in another state, we can represent anyone the qualifies in pursuit of an expungement of your prior Alabama criminal record. If you were arrested for a crime in Alabama, check the information on our website to determine if your particular case may be eligible to be expunged by the Alabama courts. We know how important it is for you to have an arrest expunged from your criminal record. Most of our expungement clients are pursuing an expungement for career or future career related reasons. We represent many professional, licensed people pursing expungements including: medical, legal, real estate, and other professionals. A remedy of an expungement of a prior eligible criminal record in Alabama will clear the prior case and remedy your past to the extent legally possible in Alabama. “Don’t let your past arrest handcuff your future career.”

Filling for an Expungement in the State of Alabama can be very complicated because it is full of exceptions, restrictions, and technicalities. Following the procedure correctly is crucial. If you live outside the State of Alabama or outside the area of our law office, no problem. All the information we need to represent you and prepare for your Alabama Expungement Petition can be acquired through mail, phone, email, and/or fax. We are ready to assist you in the process of the expungement of your eligible criminal record in Alabama. If you believe you may qualify, contact us today to begin the process of cleaning up your past and taking charge of your future. We look forward to representing you pursing an expungement of your eligible Alabama criminal record.

Find more information on this website, Feel free to email us at: or call our office at (205) 924-3839 to discuss your case.